Blu (bluwiikoon) wrote in bluicons,

[UPDATE] Banner Archive

I figure I'd just keep a record of the old watcher milestone banners here, in case anyone's remotely interested in them and wants to see them.

Date reached: 12th May 2010 (Only a year and two months after the community started! Haha... that's what you get when you don't update for months on end and such.)

Date reached: 19th May 2010 - 7 days after the last one. (That's pretty crazy!)

Date reached: 17th July 2010 - 59 days after the last one. (I didn't make an icon post at all in the space inbetween, so that's fairly decent, considering.)

Date reached: 29th September 2010 - 74 days after the last one.

Hopefully there shall be many more! \o/
Tags: !updates
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